; lowtide HIGHTIDE: January 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

art for you...

I feel like I dreamed this on a bus ride from Boston to New York > New York to Boston, a trip made countless. Business Card a quarter inch,  move a bit to the left please.  Beautiful closeness and space inspired within joyful color. 

Words for you...

"But I remember thinking does this mean that our capacity for wholeheartedness can never be greater than our willingness to be broken-hearted?"Brene Brown

How to get to Zen

Perhaps it is January, perhaps it is lack of light and abundance of chill cold, perhaps it is feeling all the struggles I had last year that I thought would be different this year...are not.

These little tools just might have something important to say....

Monday, January 28, 2013


Looking in the eye a horizon of a dream 

Art for you...

Just discovered the work of Barbara Van Cleve.  What beauty in something so wild to me, so earth bound and timelessly untouchable. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

The tide rises, the tide falls,

The twilight darkens, the curlew calls;

Along the sea-sands damp and brown
The traveller hastens toward the town,
      And the tide rises, the tide falls.

Darkness settles on roofs and walls,
But the sea, the sea in the darkness calls;
The little waves, with their soft, white hands,
Efface the footprints in the sands,
      And the tide rises, the tide falls.

The morning breaks; the steeds in their stalls
Stamp and neigh, as the hostler calls;
The day returns, but nevermore
Returns the traveller to the shore,
      And the tide rises, the tide falls.


OMG face!

That's all!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am always looking for the perfect salad.  It is one of the food groups where the equation infinite and the possibilities hopeful with invention.  This, Spring Salad with fresh Mozzarella, simple and refreshing!

Clothes for you...

Sandro dress. Yes please.

Monday, January 21, 2013


the beacon depressed the path of how I came to be
the water softened my path until gone
and my past became a reflection of a white peak- before or after.
the forward movement of anywhere
an ablution with the sea.

Art for you...

Just stumbled upon the work of Krispen Spencer and am feeling very akin to it.  The colors, texture and rhythm seem to ring with empathy inside me.  These days so much inside, hard to decipher one from the next.  All is connected...

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