; lowtide HIGHTIDE: March 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

words for you...

Why does the water lust for the shoreline
a violent soft love
deep & timeless as a universe
I can understand so little
no end
comprehend no beginning
all is beyond my capacity
of all I have learned to learn
we go on, each of us,
as fierce as the last and neighboring wave
our passions hold the height of surf
of dreams extend into the risk of our abilities
knowing, unknowing - all of this will diverge into an infinite flatness
part of a scape we cannot see 

do you exist while I am not with you?

This momentum of time, the womb of connectivity
only to be brawn back into the lust of return.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Words for you...

Close your eyes and see the spotted sky 
and know that your breath is not in your
mouth, but in your head, find something
in the knowledge this is possible, know 
this, and know that that which keeps you
afloat can also crush you & your mind's 
breath - but only for a moment. You can
equip yourself, you can not let fear be 
your frequent guest...
with your eyes closed focus on the 
mind breath.

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