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Monday, April 30, 2012

Edible fabrications

I grew up in a peas and carrots family.  My father is a true believer that these are part of every balanced meal...

Peas can be found at Pottery Barn, carrots at Romp Brooklyn and fork at Anthropologie


Hello world!

And how are you today?  I am feeling positive and wonderful today (I must hold on to this feeling).  I had such a productive weekend- drinking rose, taking a super informative class on Adobe Lightroom, exercising, yoga, chilling with my kitties,  cleaning our office, sweeping, getting a new trash can (we needed one desperately!),  blow drying my hair (happens oh so rarely), going to a birthday dinner, bloggin, seeing "The Sound of My Voice", admiring my plants in the sunlight and a few other surprises in the mix I have to hold my tongue on. Yay!  I just feel something in the air for change and growth.  Hopefully it's just not the scent of the new candle I bought, ek!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy birthday!!!

Roy Orbison for life (image found here)!

Ella, how I need you and thank you (image found here).

John James Audubon turns 226 today! WTF?! Thank you for your studies, your observation of the natural world and beauty.  And thank you the green space you inspired!

This weekend, what will happen?  I know for sure I am taking a class at 3rdWard.  Lightroom for dummies!  Well, I know the basics but I am looking to become a master.  I will also be heading to a birthday dinner.  Other than that I hope to relax and let the time of the days tell me what to do!

Have you seen this site Humans of New York? My friend Stacy sent it to me and I am in love!

Also, I think I found the tattoo of my dreams.

Do you have people you want to say sorry to? This story is so inspiring and touching.

My gal Amia of the beautiful  IAMAMIA has a FAB sale going on of her beautiful Jewelry.  Log-in and go get it.

Do you love Color?  So do I (I need to wear more seeing as bright is IN!)!

I am so ready to see The Sound of My Voice! I have been waiting forever. FINALLY!

While babysitting last night my little muffin insisted she wear this to bed.  Though it was rather hot and I assured her she could change, she was just the cutest!

Do you ever crush on girls.  I do!  Then I realize, it's because I kinda want to be them!!

Bless and bisou bisou.

Words for you...

"I don't know where or when, just that it happened. I have tried all day to recapture the feeling. There was a scent of trees. I was the world, the world was me. A landscape is like a face."
-Juliette, 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her. 

Song for you

A dear friend sent this to me and another friend last night as a sweet little lullaby before bed.  We discussed how familiar these people seem in our hearts--like a distant memory.  As if we had been there before, as if we knew them.  Perhaps in another life? 

Get that art!

Firelei Baez was born in the Dominican Republic and now lives and works in New York.  I love her work, its beauty and undeniable fierceness.  A finite equilibrium between peace and power.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


PS:  These lamps from Fred Flare make me happy!

A bad habit...

Images found here and here and here and oh yes here.

I have been biting my nails, worse yet, my cuticles since as far back as I can remember. They are red, swollen and often bleed.  I have tried everything: band-aids, creams, solutions that make your nails taste bad, painting my nails, all of it sans hypnosis. I took the bus to school in 6th grade and there was a boy I had a crush on who would sit near the front of the bus.  I would curl my fingers under into a first to make sure he didn't see my shameful hands when I walked by him.  This is something all to familiar, hiding my disgust, my secret.  Right now I am on a more emotional journey to find the source of this habit (that seems hopeless at times).  In the meantime, for a more "quick fix", I have put french tips on my fingers. It is working!  Here I cannot pick or bite, the nails prevent me from doing so.  Hopefully, with a few more rounds my nails will be smooth and pretty. My whole life I've been envious of woman who have beautiful fingernails/nailbeds.  It feels silly to want something so simple and easy to some and so so very difficult for me. One day I want to have pretty nails all by myself, one day.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

If I were a...

1. Are you like me in that there are some things you just never allow yourself to spend money on?  I never spend money or bra's (and matching panties!).  This is something I desperately need to do! All my bra's have holes in them and are at the least 2 years old.  I love these bright and cheerful (and sexy) pair from Anthropologie.
2. I love the plant Baby's Tears, the name itself is enough to sell me.  Mine recently died (had a good shelf life of a year), so must venture out into the world and get another.
3. I went to Sephora friday to restock my face powder and oops the nice woman Marylin there gave me a full make-over.  My favorite part there was the Olehenriksen face mist.  It felt so clean and fresh on my skin.  I din't get is, but sure wanted to!
4. Gah! How cute are these.

Design your body...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Golden girls...

I really miss my golden blonde hair these days. This article offers an interesting spin on things (some things I agree with, some things I just really don't).  BUT it does have one good point...being a "blonde" is $$$!

Sweet treats!

A new experiment.  Using designs and patterns that inspire me out in the world be it fabric, wallpaper, art, the sky... I am going to make you a sweet treat weekly (or a pizza pie, vegetarian turkey dinner!).  Here is my first experiment.  Thoughts?  Let me know what you want to see as a "sweet treat"! I am absurdly proud of my little cupcake.  :)

Hello world!

This weekend was a lazy one.  I bough a new plant, an Asparagus Fern at this really beautiful shop in Brooklyn, Graceful GardensI think plant shops design in beautiful spaces might just be my favorite kind of store.  Sprouted Home is simply up there as well a favorite store.  Other than that, reading, relaxing, working, naping.  Nothing to eventful.  I think Ben and I are going to take some time off from sweets and drinks for a bit. Kinda can't wait! On honor of this we will have a brownie sunday tonight! I am hoping this rain we had might lessen the pollen in the air, fingers crossed!

All images found here..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy birthday!

Conan, I love you!
The queen turns 85 this week.  What a life, what a woman! Cheers!

Though it is not his birthday, I want to give a thank you to Levon Helm.  I was so fortunate to see him play in Woodstock, NY at his Midnight Ramble just about a year and a half ago. Thank you for your music and bless your slumber. 

Any plans this weekend to come?  Once again, I just feel so terrible and sluggish.  It has been almost a month now.  I feel it might be eternity before I am myself again.  In the meantime, to occupy the space:

Oh my goodness, a house from a kit.  I'll take it!

I saw a woman in a beautiful tie-dye dress and it got me thinking.  I want one! (If I were a...)

Wow! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS store!  How beautiful would that be over a bed? I know, I know 
plants in the bedroom, feng shui meng shui, I think it would be lovely.

I have a hankering for this!

I think I found the best ebay store ever!

The name is perfection.

My friend just got this from the GAP, oh so cute that back is.  She beat me to the purchase button!

Have you seen Bully yet?  I really want to, I was already sobbing watching the trailer.  This article is powerful.

Bless and bisou bisou!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

"I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a king of infinite space" Hamlet, Shakespeare

I feel like floating away in the familiarity and beauty of this music.  

Buy that art!

I think this work by Kimia Kline is stunning. It's powerful, sad and perhaps a conversation to be had in these times of the "anti-woman" political culture (and generally around the world).  Love it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Critical voice...

All photos via

Do you have a critical voice?  That voice inside that stops you or propels you to make choices?  It draws conclusions, it steers our path?  Tells you that you're not good enough or that you are doing something wrong?  If you are like me you do! Ever wonder where that voice comes from, it seem larger than us! In this article, some tools to help.

1. Realize it may not be your voice.
2. Have compassion for the inner voice.
3. Embrace uncertainty/the unknown.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wedding dress?

This dress is so beautiful, someone wear it to their wedding! (Reiss, $465)

If I were a...

1. This look so cozy and pretty.  (Lemlem $270.00)
2. How beautiful would this be with item number 1?  (Etsy shop Visska, $55.00)
3. I can't help myself with the red.  Love these shoes!  (LLBean Signature  $169.00)
4. I LOVE the look of this skirt but how would my hips like it? (ASOS, $39.99)
5. Happy. (Catbird, $10.00)
6. These beautiful red Cyclamens remind me of my mama.

Design your body

Monday, April 16, 2012

Beautiful Wedding

PS:  How beautiful is this wedding!

Hello world

Hello world!  Once again I am ridden with a deep allergy attack that has manifested in a cold.  It has been about 4 weeks now, but this weekend was defiantly a whooper in terms of not feeling healthy.  I feel as though I am flying up in the air or going scuba diving at all times.

What did I do to try to add some spice to my days?  I saw the Francesca Woodman exhibition at the Guggenheim, the David Lynch exhibition at the Tilton gallery, took a lovely walk around the Reservoir in central park, sat on my friend's houseboat at the Chelsea pears,  cleaned, napped, blew my nose uncountable times, watched "Cloverfield", and had brunch at my lovely friend's Amia and Phil's apartment in Prospect Heights and the zonked out the rest of my Sunday. Not too bad.  

But in honor of those out there who might also be going through the cold of the summer, here are some things that might help!


1. HONEY!  What!?!?  It is said that eating honey made from local plants and flowers might help cure your allergies, by creating an immunity to the thing itself.  Kinda a vaccination!

2. Netipot, cleaning the allergy with salt, genius.  This helps a lot with sinus pressure I have found.

3. Hot pepper, horseradish, hot mustard--these hot foods act as natural decongestant if you can take it!

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