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Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy birthday!

Conan, I love you!
The queen turns 85 this week.  What a life, what a woman! Cheers!

Though it is not his birthday, I want to give a thank you to Levon Helm.  I was so fortunate to see him play in Woodstock, NY at his Midnight Ramble just about a year and a half ago. Thank you for your music and bless your slumber. 

Any plans this weekend to come?  Once again, I just feel so terrible and sluggish.  It has been almost a month now.  I feel it might be eternity before I am myself again.  In the meantime, to occupy the space:

Oh my goodness, a house from a kit.  I'll take it!

I saw a woman in a beautiful tie-dye dress and it got me thinking.  I want one! (If I were a...)

Wow! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS store!  How beautiful would that be over a bed? I know, I know 
plants in the bedroom, feng shui meng shui, I think it would be lovely.

I have a hankering for this!

I think I found the best ebay store ever!

The name is perfection.

My friend just got this from the GAP, oh so cute that back is.  She beat me to the purchase button!

Have you seen Bully yet?  I really want to, I was already sobbing watching the trailer.  This article is powerful.

Bless and bisou bisou!

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