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Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have broken through to a new thought! Have you ever imagined little you?  Picture her (or him).  What is she wearing?  What does her hair look like? Where does she go?  What is she doing?  What would you tell her now?  I imagine myself in a pink dress and purple jellies.  I imagine her and she seems over there, another person, a little girl I remember.  Now place her inside of you.  She is you, you are her.  We forget this.  Many times my gut reactions to situations and roles in relationships  revert back to her habits and frame of mind (you are not good enough, you are ___, you are____).  Now, my adult me, adult Sarina has to help little Sarina see that she is good enough.  I have to hold her hand and hug her.  

This is am amazing exercise.  I recommend doing it, playful or painful, you might just learn something.

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