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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello world

Hello world!  Once again I am ridden with a deep allergy attack that has manifested in a cold.  It has been about 4 weeks now, but this weekend was defiantly a whooper in terms of not feeling healthy.  I feel as though I am flying up in the air or going scuba diving at all times.

What did I do to try to add some spice to my days?  I saw the Francesca Woodman exhibition at the Guggenheim, the David Lynch exhibition at the Tilton gallery, took a lovely walk around the Reservoir in central park, sat on my friend's houseboat at the Chelsea pears,  cleaned, napped, blew my nose uncountable times, watched "Cloverfield", and had brunch at my lovely friend's Amia and Phil's apartment in Prospect Heights and the zonked out the rest of my Sunday. Not too bad.  

But in honor of those out there who might also be going through the cold of the summer, here are some things that might help!


1. HONEY!  What!?!?  It is said that eating honey made from local plants and flowers might help cure your allergies, by creating an immunity to the thing itself.  Kinda a vaccination!

2. Netipot, cleaning the allergy with salt, genius.  This helps a lot with sinus pressure I have found.

3. Hot pepper, horseradish, hot mustard--these hot foods act as natural decongestant if you can take it!

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