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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy birthday!!!

Roy Orbison for life (image found here)!

Ella, how I need you and thank you (image found here).

John James Audubon turns 226 today! WTF?! Thank you for your studies, your observation of the natural world and beauty.  And thank you the green space you inspired!

This weekend, what will happen?  I know for sure I am taking a class at 3rdWard.  Lightroom for dummies!  Well, I know the basics but I am looking to become a master.  I will also be heading to a birthday dinner.  Other than that I hope to relax and let the time of the days tell me what to do!

Have you seen this site Humans of New York? My friend Stacy sent it to me and I am in love!

Also, I think I found the tattoo of my dreams.

Do you have people you want to say sorry to? This story is so inspiring and touching.

My gal Amia of the beautiful  IAMAMIA has a FAB sale going on of her beautiful Jewelry.  Log-in and go get it.

Do you love Color?  So do I (I need to wear more seeing as bright is IN!)!

I am so ready to see The Sound of My Voice! I have been waiting forever. FINALLY!

While babysitting last night my little muffin insisted she wear this to bed.  Though it was rather hot and I assured her she could change, she was just the cutest!

Do you ever crush on girls.  I do!  Then I realize, it's because I kinda want to be them!!

Bless and bisou bisou.

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