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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Oh hello again...


It's been oh so long.  I recently looked back at the work I did with LowtideHIGHTIDE and felt I missed myself. As if I was an outsider looking in, or I was not myself.  A teacher once told me about writing, write it for you, if you are interested in what you write have faith others will be.

It seems in order to be inspired sometimes we have to act, we have to find the inspirations - they do not move by our eyes and whiplash us into creativity. We have to sit and think within our thoughts.  The days can pass over us so smoothly, and like a rock to water, we can become soft to it's time and lie there forever until we are a tiny speck of sand. The same particle, but smaller, beaten down by our own choices.

But I choose to reactivate into the world and again sit with my thought.  Here is where visions and beauty are birthed.

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