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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Words for you...

180 is something someone told me a long time ago
when I was learning the truth
still learning
when I did not know circles could not hold the night
and gravity could not breath in the sea

it was a sharp thing, a line not a curve in a subject failed 

I am always turning 180 to find myself
and I  look everywhere
and I am not
and I am
with every loss less of myself

I have learned that circles contain everything in fact
every drop of water, every piece of love
even the night with my eyes made in the shape make a beautiful whole

and gravity
I am not sure
I have learned anything
because I can breath in the sea 
under the water I can choose to breath into oblivion
peaceful finding where the holes of my heart - those pieces - have been missing
with that love

and I understand nothing now or then not later.

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