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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy birthday and a few things...

Every Christmas season growing up my Uncle Ted would take me to the Nutcracker.  It was such a special tradition we shared between the two of us.  Peter Tchaikovsky's music we all know and love. (image found here).

Umm what a pic of Johannes Brahms! To stick with theme, his music is known in all over the world and is in more movies that I can recall.  Thank you for connecting me and educating me still to classical music in a time where it seems outside of cultural hipness! (image found here).

What ere your plans for this weekend ahead?   Do you ever have weekends that the whole words seems to happen at once?  Saturday I have two photo shoots, my cousin is in town and a birthday picnic I have yet to decide about.  Oh boy!  My ultimate goal is to find space between the movement and breath deep.

I have been eyeing rockers for some time now, this one is just perfect!  Do you think I can put it on hold for another year?  And the Etsy store is also has some beautiful finds.

I think I will make this Orecchitte recipe this weekend. Looks delish!

These photographs by UK artist Ryan Hopkinson are breathtaking.

Do you use Mason Jars? I love this simple DIY.

This haircut is too cute!'

Leibling  shoes are handmade in Israel, I only wish they were handmade for my feel here in NY!

Worth the read.

This Bond timeline is kinda amazing.

Are you doing anything for Mother's day?  I am holding off until next weekend to visit my Mom on Cape Cod.  I'll have Monday off so might as well, more love for my time!  HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the amazing women out there!  

Bless and Bisou Bisou!

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