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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello world!!!

It has been a long long time.  My apologies for having been MIA for so long.  My efforts had to be put elsewhere for just a bit of time.  My company Red Anchor Photo still needs a lot of tender love and care and has been taking up loads of time with wedding season.  I guess I still have some balancing to learn... Where have I been?  In photoshop and lightroom!

But I am back,  I have missed this daily exercise in sharing what I find worth sharing with you and missed your conversation in return.  Some highlights of what I have been doing:

  • Being a part of wonderful days of love and wonderful moments with children photographing weddings and baby's!
  • 1000 hours photo editing!!
  • One trip to Atlantic city
  • 4 trips to the beach
  • 2 trips back home to Cape Cod to see the family
  • My first attempt at clam chowder
  • Too many tacos and glasses of wine.
  • 1 trip to Idaho 
  • Countless trips to Beacon, NY
  • Game of Thrones, Mad Men, The Killing, The Wire, Girls...omg so much TV!
  • Eating salads and homemade Gazpacho daily
  • Reading 3 Bret Easton Ellis novels and the History of Love (I needed some female tenderness)
  • Working, babysitting, working, living, loving!

Here is some light I have collected...


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