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Monday, January 30, 2012

All I want, forever:

Hello world! This weekend a few things were learned

1.  After not drinking for 25 days, it's best not to take shots.  Here are some times for next time (though I would prefer for there not to be).

2. I also leaned that yoga loves me back.  In the day to day life we carry to much guilt, so much self -judgement and doubt.  I think in that room, I find one of the only places where I love myself. Call that ego or whatever, but if I can love myself I can be a better person in there, I can them be out there in the world, generosity to myself is generosity I then place back into the world.

3. I watched a great movie called Take Shelter.  Michael Shannon can play a crazy person over and over again (which he does in most of his movies) it never gets old.

4. I put coconut oil all over my hair and today, soft and smooth.  I use it now on face, body and hair and I am soft and smooth and inspired to use more and more of that which has little to no extra stuff in it, pure love.

5. Saw this and since heart day is coming out, my girl is too.  How cute (and functional as well!)

6. Saw this awhile ago and it was really inspiring to see such a well spoken young man speak with such strength and courage.

6. This song, this band I can't get enough of. Love new discoveries.

I hope you have a beautiful day out there and learned a few things this weekend as well. 

Monday Monday.....

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