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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am not sure about you but when winter hits and weeks after weeks of layers and sweatpants (my fav!!), I sometime miss feeling pretty and flirtatious in my step.  At times I feel I am getting dressed to hit the slopes!  I just  want to go home and hybernate in warm cotton and wool.  Oh to be spring again ...

Though it is the perfect season to stay in and save some money.
I have been bringing my lunch to work for over two weeks now.  This is a small resolution to respect my money and health just a wee more.  The trouble is, my bag stinks (or my yoga cloths smell like tamari!) of balsamic and sometimes spills.! I have been eying this little lunch container for some time now.  I think, in the spirit of keeping this momentum going and not smelling like balsamic I will get one.

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