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Monday, January 16, 2012

This weekend was cold!!!  But warm with pleasure.  Ben's mom visited town and we had a lovely time, cooking dinner at home and going to the movies to see The Descendants and playing with our kitties!

What did I learn?  I learned that I still don't like winter! That I should have moved to Hawaii when I bought that one way ticket (though I don't really believe in regret). I learned that I am am trying my best to do the best by everyone and myself but sometimes disappointment is part of life when you truly make actions to to what is what is best for you (as long as we do honestly and truly I believe it will be ok, right?).  I learned that taking the bus to yoga is faster!  Who thought?
Photographer Bryce Johnson
Isn't this an amazing organization?  Surf For Life surfers travel the wold surfing and volunteering in the communities they surf in!  In my next life , I want to grow up and do that.

PS: I love this look!  I don't think I have the funk to do it. I love the idea of hats but I never seem to wear them.

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