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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby's Tears
Asparagus Fern

My Baby's breath is dying.  I bought it in August and all was green and lush, but now I see lots and lots of dried and brown parts near the root.  I am so sad...  One of my goals moving in June was to learn how to keep house plans and know each plants individual care.  Other than my beautiful fig tree dying, everything has gone swimmingly until now!  What to do?!  I have it in indirect, but bright light and water it regularly as I have read they like.  Oh dear...

What are some of your fav house plants?  Another favorite of mine is my asparagus ferm (that one is happy as a clam in cape cod bay).  It's light and delicate and reminds me of a green dandelion waiting to be wished upon.  Now that I live in Greenpoint, I miss Sprouted home. It is truly one of the most beautiful stores in the city.  It's worth a trip, in the cold of winter, the green makes you feel warm.

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