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Monday, February 13, 2012

little birds...

I was walking to work today, thinking to myself "Why am I here in this city?  What to I want from it" and alas saw this little bird.  It was so happy and content in the coldness (well, it looked happy in my human projection) I thought that if this little creature could pick away at the red berries merrily, I too could find some peace today.

What are some things that inspire you?  Where are lessons of gratitude and humility found? Here are some of mine.

My little bird today.

The big big sky.

Just what is says. via Sun-believable.

Drifting at the base of a canyon on a river on a boat, canoe, raft. This is Owhee river. One that sits in my heart.

All my friends doing amazing things and taking their own path (so many inspirations here I can't even begin to speak of them all!):

Rising Storm


Stacy Does Everything

Artists that inspire me, bringing us closer to a truth of life:


The Fader

Kirra Jamison

via yellow-blue green

My girls at the Lower East Side Girls Club!

this book. yoga. being here now.  love.

so much more.

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