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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loves, what a weekend.  What is there to learn, so much.  In regards to friendship, sometimes it is hard to know how to be there for people who need our love, but I have learned we are all on a journey of learning how to love better.  And some people need love in different ways, some people give differently, some people receive their own manner.  All is wonderful and human.

I also learned I really love a good pizza pie (ok, confirmed this fact), the smell of burning wood, and tall trees shifting with the winds is that of an earthly awe.

Spent a few days in Vermont, my favorite states of New England..

Speaking of, have you ever thought about raising your own chickens and having fresh eggs every day?  I think this is something one day I would love to do.  Perhaps when I have some green space to call my own.  Maybe then I can take a class!

Love- Julia Fullerton-Batten


Here is to a positive week!

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