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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Michael's amazing work.

I was talking to my good friend Michael yesterday about how we have constructed our identity throughout the years as artist or photographer (insert any word).  At times, it is hard to know how much I care about the actual craft (is it an inner voice I can't live without?) or if it is the identity - the community to understand the self and a word used for the world to understand me.  I wrote a bit about this in grad school, that the community, especially the academic community of the arts was a very healing place for me.  It was one of the only places I felt I could thrive. A place of acceptance and emotion, of dreaming, where I was asked to ask. With this I could feel a pride in my capabilities or at least supported within my community at least to try.  Is that the passion and drive?  Or is it the work and the craft.  Time tells all...

"Perhaps art is a quest for the perfect, or even the imperfect. Reality always falls short on both sides."
ANNA DEAVERE SMITH, Letters to a Young Artis

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