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Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthdays and weekend ahead.


Mr. Fred Rogers.  Have you seen this clip?  Anyone who isn't a lill' teary or hasn't falling in love with this man at the end of this, please go plant your heart in the soil and give it water and sun!
Spike Lee, I will never forget watching Do the Right Thing for the first time and Crooklyn.  That song "Ohh child things are gonna get easier..." stuck with me for a long time with that imagery. Thank you for putting your work into the world.
Robert Frost...."this air of withering sweetness."
What are your weekend plans?  A really good friend, who I get to see once in a blue moon is in town on work from Colorado. Have you heard of Left Hand Brewing company? She works for them an will be pouring their beer all over this city! I plan to spend Friday evening drinking their milk stout with her and most of Saturday.  THEN I am off to Beacon for the hunger games and Mad Men.  I can't wait!

In the meantime a few things to fill the empty spaces....

Spoiler Alert! Don't read this is you don't know anything about the Hunger Games but plan to via book or movie.  But this list is crazy and speaks volumes on how harsh this story is! Speaking of...

Has anyone been following this on NYMag?  A poll of the best TV dramas in the past 25 years.  There are so many good ones on there! Though, Coop will always be number one man in my heart.  He was just sooo good.

Check out my gal Liz's post on flavoring your own spirits.  So so yummy!

Someone can get me this, I don't mind.  It is the song my mom would sing to me when I was a lill' one.

I love this blog THE GLOW.  It's inspiring and beautiful.  Cheers to amazing women worldwide!

Bless and be well. Bisou bisou

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