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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In my recent trip I was overwhelmed by the love of my friends.  And there was such a flow, such a smoothness.  Realizing this I became aware of how much time this particular group has spent together, in New York, in Ithaca in traveling and vacations.   So today is not specifically about love from one friend to another, more so love within a family created over time a family that you create.  My dear friend Denise wrote some blissful words that I want to share with y'all speaking directly upon this.  Thank you Denise for sharing. 

She wrote:
Another, and not any other, vacation in the sun.  Lagoon water sun dried in my hair, sand rubbing me, hugging me gently.  
Heart, most importantly, open & joyous, inviting & curious.
Possibilities expanding.  
Love, I'm surrounded by a tremendous degree of it, and tenderness.
Positively abundant persons questing for pleasure & beauty.  In their embrace there is only: yes & right & you don't say & nods & open arms.

You belong among the wildflower
You belong somewhere you feel free

I find peace in knowing that I'm in company of positive vibrations
rippling and surrounding me outwards
experiencing connections with life
collecting moments, divine, short lived, & fleeting.

A seeker of joy & connection & cosmic mystery & perplexing beauty
willing to say goodbye as much as hello
that is part of us

so much love
from caverns to lagoons to oceans to the sky above

And I said:
Somewhere along the history of ancient civilizations and centuries past we sat together in a field and discussed clouds and dreams.  And we knew we would meet again. And we have.

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