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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you have compassion for yourself?  There were a few articles in the times recently that focused on self-compassion.  Surprisingly, they found that sometimes people who find is easier to give and be compassionate with others have a very hard time doing the same for themselves. Ugh, we are our own worst enemies! I took this test and it surprised me (and didn't). I have such a hard time saying no to other and a harder time saying yes to myself.  20-12 is the year of change though!

On another note, I read this article in The Guardian about the psychological affects of Birdsong.  Makes me want to get out of this city!


My parents have a very large window in their dining room on Cape Cod.  Outside the window is an array of bird feeders and a birdbath.  This is only of my favorite things to do when I visit-- drink my coffee, grab the bird book to know what I am looking at and watch and listen to the birds.  Such pure joy and peace.

"Birds chirp when things are safe, and go quite when there's danger.  So for thousands of years birdsong has been a subtle background signal that tell us, unconsciously, that we're safe" via Aesthetics of Joy.

PS:  If we are talking about love today, I LOVE this bag from ASOS! Yes please, thank you.

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