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Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Mondays

I had such a wonderful weekend.  Spending time with my girl Aly from CO was so special and refreshing. She is such in inspiring woman and mother.  Selfishly, I wish we were closer because we are so like minded in so many ways, I think we would work really well together.  But I am excited for her own endeavors ahead and am grateful for the support we are still able to offer each other. After Aly and I spent the day together myself and Ben headed upstate for group Hunger Games viewing, amazing! The past two years I have spent so much time here in Beacon, it feels like home.  Ben and have discussed endlessly where we will move, if we will move, places we could never live, dream places and adventures.  But at this point, we have to be at peace with Brooklyn and more so be grateful, psyched and surprised by the wonderful city we live in.  Change will come if and when we are ready.  Right?

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Also, have you heard of Future trippin'?  My friend Liz enlightened me to this this weekend.  Defined as: This is ego mind control. The ego keeps you obsessing about the future to make sure that it has you in a stronghold. The fear is present even though the future has not been created yet.

Isn't that the best though! I have a case of the future trips! I think we all do?  

Thank you Liz and Brendan for having Ben and I.  Here is to the week ahead...

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