Friday, March 30, 2012


Gloria Steinem and thank you.  

Jennifer Grey (BABY!)!  You will forever have lived my teenage dream. I am forever jealous.  (via)
Astrud Gilberto...how your voice has mesmerized. (via)Trying to make a date to see Francesca Woodman at the Guggenheim.  I love her I do.

I don't know what is going on with the political temperature of feminism, I know I don't like it and it feels like we are moving backwards (sorry Gloria!).  What I do like is this!
I am always going back and forth about wanting long locks and short style. But this hall of fame makes me yearn for long hair. I am determined to make bread this weekend as a gift to a friend.  If you don't see some pics of fresh baked goods Monday, you can yell at me. My mom got me this beautiful and tasty looking book a year ago and I have to start eating my way through it!Speaking of baking a fabbby DIY blog, A Subtle Revelry, posted these amazing bunny sticky buns for Easter. Remember the bunny cakes?  Here is a change of pace (a sticky bunny bun all to yourself!)

Call me crazy but I love these pattered Jeans from 7.

I saw this video about a year ago and watched it again yesterday. What an inspiration.  Here is to vulnerability and the courage to know we are worth it....what a good way to start the weekend.

I am heading to Beacon, NY this weekend  (again).  My good friend is celebrating his 30th on Mt. Beacon.  So very excited.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHEN!

Bisou bisou and bless...


  1. i love brene brown! that ted talk is amazing.

  2. It inspires! I feel it should be listened to once a month as a reminder.



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