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Monday, March 19, 2012

I have returned from Paradise.  I feel reborn and refreshed and full of gratitude.     I want to share a few things I thought about in my time in the sun and under the ocean standing on it's floor, pulled along the coral and sand.

In my reflections I made a list of things I thought necessary in an environment to make it nourishing and  fill my heart with love.  They are:  friends, family, vegetables, yoga, independent cinema, the ocean, nature, love, health, like-minded folk, inspiration and creativity and warmth (this is in utmost ideal situation).

I also made a list of that which I consider strengths of mine:  compassion, diplomatic, good listener, dreamer, love kids ages 3-6 (all ages at that), patient, creative, photography (a constant internal struggle).

Lastly, I wrote this:  happiness is now.  Stop searching and desiring.  All that we need to create change we already have.  Be now.  Accept.  Let your strengths intersect and start from there.  Be.

Perhaps you too can practice with these questions.  Make a list see what you find.

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