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Monday, March 5, 2012

My fortune cookie said "Your day will be filled with sunshine and happiness." I do hope it looks like this...

I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend.  I was fighting a cold but I think I made it through without getting ill.  What happened you ask other then fighting the good fight against the cold?  

*I was very proud in that I made three packages to send off that I have been meaning to for some time.  Placing a parcel in the post has such satisfaction these days I am sure you can agree.  

*I spent some much needed time with a loved friend. It is so important to nurture all relationships, especially ones that are open and willing to be watered. NO use watering a cactus or an already dead plant!!! I have had such troubles in being honest with myself in the past, and I am learning this has affected almost all of my relationships.  I am learning more and more how little myself space I have given myself, to believe in my choices and cherish my voice. I have been so afraid of my own choices, in failing, being misunderstood or being made to feel wrong or unkind. For so long I have let others assume the alpha role, this has been to my fault and also has unfairly put fault unto others.  As I discussed this weekend with said friend, we all have our roles in the communities we belong (be it work, family, friendship, etc) and when these roles shift and chance people's expectations are in shock and the "system" can feel like it is experiencing a mini earthquakes. I am so fortunate/blessed to have love in my life (friends and beyond) that accept these growths and faults and are willing to work through to a deeper place. They inspire me deaily to be better and do better and also to believe in myself. I am not anywhere near yet where I want to be, but I now have an awareness and that is my work. Thank you xoxoxo thank you.

*I also cooked!

I made this yummy garlic soup.  If you are feeling ill, this does the trick:

Additionally, Sunday Ben and I made out own Breakfast sandwiches with basil mayo (our favorite).  I recommend to add sensation to any sandwich.
Did anyone make it to the National Yoga Championship?  I would love to go one year to observe and learn a few things, yes.  It's an interesting concept, I have yet to wrap my head around or know I want to wrap my head around, but it's just my head!  People can truly do as they wish.  I miss my Bikram practice.  One day I will find my balance.

This week ahead!  All thoughts on MEXICO!  Can't wait! In the meantime I need to get a few things done first. Bring clothing to Salvation Army.  Buy a new piece of glass for a beautiful piece of art Ben got my for Valentines day. Work in my photo projects. My kale gumbo soup!  

More soon....

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